Our focus is on content-oriented APIs rather than those that are functional in nature. Therefore the API should offer endpoints that that may be accessed with a GET request.

  • May be publicly accessed or is secured with an API key, OAuth 1.0a / 2 access token, or HTTP Basic credentials. APIs that require signed requests and other proprietary auth measures are currently not supported.

  • Responds with XML or a JSON body.

  • XML responses must include “xml” somewhere in the Content-Type header (e.g text/xml, application/atom+xml, etc). If not we’ll assume the response is JSON and attempt to parse it. If we can’t parse it as valid JSON, we return an error message for the response: Invalid JSON.

  • We will follow up to 5 redirects and cache the results. APIs that redirect more than 5 times are not supported.

  • We will wait up to 30 seconds for a response from an API. Slower APIs are not supported.